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Workmanship warranty

When you choose Smart Painting And Decorating Services Pty Ltd for you painting project, we will stand behind our work with a five tear workmanship warranty*. If your paint cracks or peels as a result of our workmanship then we will provide the painter and the paint to fix the issue once and for all without any fuss. We want you to be happy with the work we have completed.

“Its really the only way to run a painting business!”

We Stand Behind our work

5 Year Warranty

In addition to any warranties and conditions implied by law, Smart Painting & Decorating Services Pty Ltd warrants to the Owner that the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for a period of five years as a result of faulty surface preparation or application of the coating system, subject to the conditions set out below.

To obtain service under this Painter’s Workmanship Five Year Warranty, the Owner must give written notice to Smart Painting & Decorating Services Pty Ltd within 14 days of the Owner first becoming aware of the problem, identifying the original work performed, the date of job completion, and the nature of the problem.

This Painter’s Workmanship Five Year Warranty does not cover:

1. Peeling, flaking, or blistering resulting from faulty manufacture or formulation of the coating system by the manufacturer (see notice below);
2. Any settling, movement, structural cracking or other deterioration of the substrate;
3. Faulty design or construction of the building;
4. Any painted surface exposed to extreme conditions such as storm damage or excessive heat; and
5. Without limitation, any other cause outside the reasonable control of Smart Painting & Decorating Services.

The liability of Smart Painting & Decorating Services Pty Ltd under this Five Year Warranty, and in respect of any warranty or condition implied by law, will be limited to the following as determined by Smart Painting & Decorating Services

a. provision of labour to repair the coating system
b. payment of the cost of labour of having the coating system repaired; or
c. refund of the price paid for labour of applying the coating system.